It’s hard to decide on an outfit each day. Especially if you can’t even make sense of what’s in your closet. Have you ever walked into your closet and immediately felt completely overwhelmed? what did you do? Let me guess,  in your attempt to avoid the clutter you pull out the same 5 options for the week and just keep them in a rotation.


My Name is Wanda Terry, In between helping my clients stay up to date on the latest in today's fashion and maintaining organized closets. I am also the fashion editor for Women Looking Ahead Magazine. Needless to say, I am a busy woman and just like you, I have too many handbags and an abundance of shoes. There was a time when I used to be unorganized and overwhelmed just looking at my closet. Ultimately I had to make a change, and tame the beast that used to be my closet. Quickly learned I had to get organized FAST. That is why I decided to start helping others do just that.


As you can guess, I am in love with fashion and all that it means. So having an organized closet space also requires having the ability to coordinate and plan out outfits for everyday life. Trust me, I know that it is not always easy to part ways with your favorite pants or that go to dress, but recycling and replacing pieces is key to keeping your closet clutter free.


You will be surprised what you will find during this process. Self-confidence for starters. You won’t have to leave the house feeling less than pleased with your outfit choice for work or even the gym. The most import thing to you can do to regaining control of your closet is have a plan to get organized.


I look forward to helping you declutter your space, shop for new items and to see your smile once you see how much your life will change. Recycle, replace, renew and revive your wardrobe.

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Introducing my fitness Coach Carla Fields!

Please visit Carla Fields Fitness page.  Let Carla get you in shape and I can customize a NEW wardrobe to fit your NEW BODY!